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The Game Night Compromise

I’m big on board games. If you know me, you might think that’s something that goes without saying. But sometimes, I invite someone over for board games, and the face that they make when they discover I didn’t mean Clue or Monopoly is priceless. If the visual of me unpacking several boxes of boards, decks of cards, and more pieces than you can count at a glance is enough to stress you out, I think I’ve found the perfect compromise.

I recently picked these two Hasbro games at Target after reading the box and being unable to resist: “The Game of Life Quarter Life Crisis” and “Sorry! Not Sorry!”. They both have the comfort of familiarity with the added sarcasm and debauchery that makes them new and interesting.

The Game of Life Quarter Life Crisis differs from the original Game of Life in several ways. Instead of a long path from early adulthood to retirement, you travel through an infinite loop on the board attempting to collect enough money to win the game. Rather than planning your turn to land on specific actions, you draw a random action card at the end of every turn. While you can still get married and have children, they’ve added the twists of potentially getting divorced and/or having to pay for daycare. Your housing and job choices are much more realistic for the quarter life age group of the target audience. For example:

Some action cards will have a similar effect to the spaces you would land on in the original game, with an all-too-real flavor text such as these:

And some action cards have an additional element, a Dare prompt at the bottom as seen here:

These added Dares and the general comic relief of the game have me itching to play a full 4 player game, but 2 player games have worked out just fine. The first person to $500,000 wins the game, and everyone along the way gets a good laugh at some too real struggles of being 25-35 years old.

Sorry! Not Sorry! has a less snarky vibe and more of a confession-based component. While you still move your pawns around the board to get them into your Home, there are some new movement cards mixed into the deck that add a social and strategic factor. Essentially, you ask another player a yes or no question, and you move forward a number of spaces based on the answer they give. What I really like about these cards is that you have the option of choosing between two prompts, and you can fill in the blank however you’d like. This adds variety to every game and every different group of people. Here’s just some of these:

Another fun (and somewhat malicious) addition to the rulebook, you don’t just knock other people’s pawns off the board anymore, but you can land on or slide into opponent’s pawns to steal them! Sorry just got a whole lot more savage.

As a side note, this also works quite well as a drinking game (after all it IS an adult game). You can seamlessly add drinking rules based on the number of spaces you’ve “won” from your question, or from the number of spaces your answer generated. It’s been fun playing 2 player since Adam and I can somewhat easily choose a question we know will get the most amount of spaces out of, so I’d love to play this game with more people and also with people who may not know each other as well.

Get 3 pawns of any color into your Home to win the game; and everyone along the way, at the bare minimum, learns some interesting truths about their friends.

So unlike most of the games in my board game collection: You can learn this game in just a few minutes, you can (and are encouraged) to drink adult beverages while you play, a full game takes less than an hour, and they cost about $20 a piece (on average). Currently, you can find The Game of Life Quarter Life Crisis at Target for $16.39 and Sorry! Not Sorry! on Amazon for $13.50.

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